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That question has probably gone through every parent’s mind!

The answer is preserve your baby’s first shoe in precious metal. For you, your family
and future generations to enjoy!
 Each baby shoe is unique because your baby
took their first tiny tentative steps in that baby shoe
Your baby’s shoe may have a hole in the toe, excessive
wear on the instep, a snapped lace or a multitude of other
characteristics that will instantly identify it as your baby’s shoe.
Welcome to the wonderful world of baby shoe bronzing!
Bronze baby shoes are the perfect gift to give a loved one, a gift
that will always be on display, reminding them of who it was that
gave them this unique keepsake.

“Surprise them with our wonderful baby shoe bronzing gift certificate
or post the shoes to us yourself”
"British Baby Shoe Bronzing Co. are a family run business
and we love what we do”
Don’t throw away your Baby’s first shoe.
Have it preserved in precious metal and
display that baby shoe for all to see.
Any type of baby shoe (up to 6 inches long)
can be bronzed, whether the baby shoe is
leather, satin, cloth, wool,  plastic or any
other kind of material.
Your baby’s shoe is still your baby’s shoe
but  baby shoe bronzing allows you to
display it preserved in bronze with all
the fine detail that we at British Baby
Shoe Bronzing Co. pride ourselves on.
What shall I do with my baby’s first shoe ?
“The shoes my mum had bronzed
for me are the only items I have
left from my childhood. Yes I had dolls
but I don’t know where they are now”
     Sue Charlton
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